ICBA Australia and New Zealand now has official licence in Singapore

By Kirk Cheesman, originally published in part, in National Credit Insurance (NCI) News

As of November 27, 2011, ICBA Australia and New Zealand welcomes it's new branch office in Singapore: NCI Brokers (ASIA) PTE LTD.

For two years, NCI has been working towards a licence in Singapore. The approval of this licence is a significant step for ICBA's growth in the Asia Pacific region. Ten year ICBA veteran, Sally Wilkinson has moved to Singapore to set-up the new operations.

ICBA Australia, New Zealand and now Singapore is excited to be able to offer specialist services to clients in Asia from a more local location. After all, ICBA is known for the advantages of its "glocal" service. ICBA currently has offices in 30 countries on five continents. ICBA partners combine local service and expertise with global coordination to provide trade, credit and political risk insurance solutions for multinational companies.

(Kirk Cheesman is Managing Director of ICBA Australia and New Zealand, National Credit Insurance (Brokers) Pty Ltd and a Director of NCI Brokers (Asia) Pte Ltd)